Research Option

Ready to get a competitive advantage on attending graduate school or  pursuing a career? Then the Research Option is THE option for you.

The Research Option (RO) provides students a substantial, in-depth research experience.  The culmination of the RO experience often results in a journal publication or conference presentation.  Completion of the RO is designated on your transcript. 

The Research Option is open to all students, but is tailor-made for two distinct student groups:

  • Future Graduate School Students – Those students who will continue their education in pursuit of graduate degrees, such as a MA and Ph.D. programs, should give serious consideration to the Research Option. The RO is a thesis-based program, thus providing an opportunity to get first-hand experience in substantive research. It is an excellent way to gain skills and insight into the academic process and can assist in making the decision to pursue a further degree where a Masters thesis or Doctoral dissertation is required.
  • Professional-track students who are planning a career in research and development after graduation. Many positions at scientific and technical firms are research-intensive and companies favor graduates possessing this practical skill set. The thesis provides a cohesive opportunity to develop those skills and will generate an impressive addition to a job-seeker’s portfolio.

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